Diana, Princess of Wales


Farewell, then, Diana.
The agonies of the heart and anguish of the mind were often your companions in life.
They were your teachers, too, for from them you learnt understanding, compassion and kindness.
These are your finest legacy to us.
Thank you for all the good you did.
Thank you for the joy you gave to many.
Thank you for being like the rest of us, flawed but loveable.
by Cardinal Basil Hume, at a Requiem Mass in Westminster Cathedral

I still remember getting up early on the morning of July 29, 1981 to watch Diana marry Charles.
From then on, like millions around the world, I followed Diana's life. She was, in my opinion,
an ordinary woman that found herself in extraordinary circumstances. Her private life was a
shambles and she made some very human mistakes. That is of little interest.

What is important to remember is that Diana made people happy.
She had a natural ability to put people at ease and to sympathize with their predicament.
She spoke out for the causes she believed in and with the help of the reporters that followed
her everywhere, she was able to dispell many misconceptions the public had about certain maladies.

I don't believe the wild conspiracy theories surrounding her death. Diana was in a car with a drunk
driver who was speeding recklessly through the streets of Paris - and she neglected to put on her
seatbelt. It was a lethal combination and a sad end for someone that had tremendous potential to do
good for others.

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