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Hello and welcome. Perhaps you were looking for something in particular or perhaps you've just stumbled across skystar in search of something else. Either way, you're here!

My site contains tons of great stuff. I've got a really cool book list with all the books that I've read and merit a mention. If you like to read, I'm certain you'll find something that catches your eye. My reading tastes are vast. There's also a section dedicated to the author, Alison Weir. If you enjoy British Royal history especially the 12th to 17th century, then her books are worth a read!

I like certain types of poetry and words of wisdom. I've put several on this site. Desiderata was written in 1928 and it still holds true today. Sunscreen was put to music some years ago; it contains advice about life. My favourite is The Difference He Made - read it and see if it touches you like it did me.

If you're ill, than get as much information as you can about your condition. Read! Research! Ask! There is power in knowledge and patients that are informed about and actively involved in treating what ails them, have a greater chance of getting better. I've posted two links for medical information. One is for Keratoconus and the other is for Endometriosis.

Are you a fan of the TV show M*A*S*H? Well then, inside you'll find a link to the best M*A*S*H site on the net. It contains everything you've ever wanted to know about the characters, episodes, DVDs/VHS tapes, quotes, cast interviews, plus lots more!
If you enjoy reading M*A*S*H fanfics, then there are also two fanfics for you to read on this site. One is about Henry and the other about Trapper.

I care about the planet I live on and have been a member of the World Wildlife Fund for a very long time. They do excellent work in protecting land and sea as well as all the critters that live there. Follow the link and read up on it.

I've created a travel diary of my trip to London and Yorkshire. It's full of beautiful pictures of the places I've visited. There are lots of abbeys, some castles and amazing scenery. Along with the photos, I've added historical information as well as my own personal perspective.

Well, my second travel diary is now up. The pictures of England and Scotland are great, if I do say so myself. Then again, how difficult is it to take beautiful pictures in the UK? It's darn near impossible. The pictures are accompanied by historical information and personal observations.

I sell some wonderful high-quality teas, biscuits and things - all imported from the UK HERE. Have a peek at my store (Teas Biscuits and Things) and you'll find Taylors of Harrogate, Duchy Originals, Mackays and Edinburgh Preserves products. The best the UK has to offer.

There's lots of other stuff too. So, again, welcome and enjoy your visit!

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