My Travel Diary II

Sheep Stars

Well, it was a wish come true.   At the end of May 2004, I returned to England for 2 weeks. Of course the time spent there flew by much too quickly.

In the following pages you will be guided to all the places I visited and you'll see some of the wonderful pictures that I took.   I took well over 200 pictures but it would be a monumental task to put them all up on the site.   I tried to incorporate some history as well as personal insights with every picture.

I've added some more links to my links page.

Again, my trip to England and my stay there would not have been possible without the generosity and kindness of all the people who received me with open arms.   People who went tiredlessly above and beyond the call of friendship to show me how beautiful England is.   Again, I had the opportunity to see all my favourites, from Harry Potter to castles, abbeys and sheep.   Including those terribly irresistable souvenir shops I like so much.   To you I offer a sincere thank you and heaps of gratitude.

I hope you enjoy my diary... part 2. It all starts here:

The links below are in the order of where I traveled. Click on the them to be taken the appropriate page.
Hampton Court    Windsor Castle    Avebury    Stonehenge    Sarum & Salisbury
Edinburgh Castle    Holyrood Palace    Holyrood Gardens    Kendal    Windermere    Ripley Castle    Jervaulx Abbey
Middleham Castle    Bolton Castle    Bridlington    Ilkley Moor    Hebden Bridge    Golden Acre Park    Brighton

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