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2006/07/05 I've updated the book list.

2006/03/11 I've updated the site in several places, including the books, UK pictures and In Memoriam, among others. As this is my first update in 2006, I would like to wish one and all best wishes for the new year!

2005/12/26 I was extremely spoiled and received some terrific books for Christmas. I've updated the book list.

2005/09/04 I've updated the book list.

2005/07/11 I've opened a shop! It specializes in wonderful teas, biscuits, jams and marmalades (Taylors of Harrogate, Duchy Originals, Mackays, Edinburgh Preserves), all imported from the UK. You'll find the link here: Teas, Biscuits and Things.

2005/06/24 Sadly, I've updated the In Memoriam page.

2005/05/25 I've updated the book list.

2005/04/13 I've updated the book list.

2005/03/31 I've updated the book list.

2005/02/28 The travel diary part 2 is up!

2005/02/27 I've updated the pages. I will have my travel diary part 2 up and running this week.

2004/12/28 I'm still working on my travel diary. It's coming along nicely. I've updated the book list again as I got some really nice books for Christmas.

2004/11/28 I've updated the book list. I'm also working on my travel diary. I'm about half way through. There are some awesome photos.

2004/10/07 I've updated the book list.

2004/09/17 I've updated the book list.

I've also updated the links on the Related Links page.

2004/09/06 I've updated the UK photographs.

2004/09/03 I've updated the book list.

2004/08/16 I've updated the book list.

2004/07/21 I've updated the book list. And added a link to Amazon.ca

2004/07/10 I've updated the book list.

2004/07/06 I've updated the book list. I've added a series of Gervase Phinn books on audio tape that a friend gave to me and I absolutely love. You get a very good idea of what it's like to be part of the Dales community. Even me, the 'off-come-dun.' ;)

2004/07/01 My computer has been on the fritz. Well that is putting it very mildly. The hard drive gave up the ghost. So I haven't done much on here lately. I did however update the UK photographs.

2004/06/14 I'm back from 2 weeks in the UK. I plan to add more photos and information to my Travel Website. I've updated the book list.

2004/05/05 I've updated the book list.

2004/04/02 I've updated the book list.

2004/03/08 I've updated the UK photographs.

2004/03/03 I've updated the book list.

2004/02/22 I've tinkered some more with the layout.

2004/02/20 I've slowly been updating the main page.

2004/02/17 I've updated the book list.

2004/02/01 I've been tinkering with the site and added a welcome page. I've also updated some links.

2004/01/31 I've been fine-tuning the site. Just some visual improvements.

2004/01/16 Hi! It's nice to see I've got regular visitors to the site. I've updated the books that have been signed by the author. Stuart is improving and is his happy little self.

2004/01/02 Stuart is home. He's improved enough to come home. He's on a complicated drug regime that in itself has potential health risks. But he's happy to be home and is maintaining his red blood cell level. Thank you to all who offered their support and kind words.

2003/12/28 My dog Stuart has been very ill. He's developed Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. (The vet thinks it may have been caused by vaccines. Though there are many causes.) Everyday there is progress as well as setbacks. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. A great big thank you to those who have been and continue to be so supportive. It means so much. I have never met a more caring and professional veterinarian in my life. She is an Intensive Care Specialist and has been truly wonderful.

I've updated the book list.

2003/12/21 I've updated the book list. Now the new books will be indicated with a yellow "New!" sign.

2003/12/14 The holidays are quickly approaching. Time seems to fly and another year will soon be gone. It has been a year of extremes for me. I've had personal triumphs that only those that know me can fully appreciate and rejoice in with me and I've had some very difficult moments that without the support and love of those around me would have been very hard to bear. To my family and friends, I send my love. To those in cyberspace that happen to come across my page, I wish you the best.

2003/12/07 I haven't had much time to update the site, but I plan to create another travel website in the future. I've updated the book list.

2003/11/07 I've updated the book list.

2003/10/26 I've updated the UK photographs.

2003/10/22 The last couple of days, I've sadly updated my Memoriam page. It has been a very difficult week. Sometimes almost unbearable. I've not only lost relatives but also a link to my past and my childhood. Adeus, Tia, adeus Tio.

2003/10/14 I added a link to the Endometriosis Association website. Over 5 million women in North America suffer from the painful and debilitating disease. Sadly, they are often misdiagnosed for years. Endometriosis Association

2003/09/20 My site is up! My Travel Diary

2003/09/18 I've been redoing the site. Some things have been deleted. Others will be added. I will hopefully have my holiday site up by this weekend. So stay tuned! I've updated the booklist. List

2003/09/01 I've updated the booklist. List

2003/08/27 I'm still working on my holiday diary site. I updated the memorial page and will eventually rehaul the main site too. Probably some time in the fall, as I will be working on finishing up a manuscript I've written.

2003/07/28 I'm working on some pages about my recent travels so I haven't updated my main site.
The travel picture diary will be up soon.

2003/07/06 Guardian Angels and Soulmates Tribute

2003/07/02 I've added another book to my booklist. List

2003/06/01 There is another book added to the Alison Weir page.

I've also added another print to my Steve Hanks collection.

2003/05/09 I've updated the donated pictures.

2003/04/21 The booklist has been updated yet again. Books that I have read keep coming
back to me, so I update as I remember. List

I've added a page for Diana, Princess of Wales.

I've added some more movies I like.

2003/04/15 Pictures for Springtime in Quebec have been added. Printemps

People and Places have also been updated. Pics

2003/04/14 I've updated the booklist. List

2003/03/23 My thoughts on Iraq

. 2003/03/01 I have added a memorial page. In Memoriam

2003/02/27 I have added a Steve Hanks page. Prints

2003/02/21 The booklist has been updated. List

2003/02/15 The following is extremely sad and if I can help it from happening
to someone else then I've accomplished something. A friend of mine is a breeder
of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (the very same type of dog that is on my
homepage). She was running her dogs on her property which, if I am not mistaken
is over 70 acres. It stretches from wooded areas all the way to farmed land at
the back of the property. I have often run my own dogs there along with hers and
other friends' dogs. The dogs have such a great time romping through the woods. Anyway,
Jenny, her Toller, didn't return to the pack so they could go back home. She and
her sister and brother-in-law searched for Jenny by ATV and skidoo all of Saturday
but it had to be abandoned late Saturday because of darkness. The search resumed Sunday.
It was on Sunday afternoon that her male dog, Buddy, found Jenny. She was caught in a
coyote trap. -- By the neck. It was a neck trap. She was alive and that's how she
had spent her two days.

Jenny died in her owner's arms. She lived long enough for her owner to find her.
This is extremely hard for me to recount, but it must be told. My friend and
everyone else were devasted. The trap was not on my friend's property. It was
a short distance from her property. In the middle of the woods, were there isn't
a soul around, not even livestock. Was that trap necessary? Are traps like that necessary?
Who devises instruments of death like that? Jenny suffered and died needlessly.
It was senseless and it bothers me so much. My friend's husband is doing his best to
find out who owns the land and why such a trap was there. In the middle of nowhere.
Such cruelty is something I will never understand. Nor forget. So please if you have
dogs, be vigilant, be wary, be safe. I painfully understand that it could have
been my dogs.

May you have gone to a better place, Jenny.


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