Steve Hanks

The following prints now hang in my home. Three of them are signed by the artist.

Coastline, by Steve Hanks
Coastline, copyright Steve Hanks

I purchased Coastline when I was in university. It caught my eye the moment I saw it. Perhaps I inherited
my dad's love of the ocean. He worked on oil tankers for over 10 years in the 50s and 60s. The scenery
reminds me of Portugal where my parents have a home and where the cliffs drop off in the same dramatic
manner into the Atlantic.

Reflecting, by Steve Hanks
Reflecting, copyright Steve Hanks

Reflecting is another of Steve's prints that I like. The woman in the painting seems relaxed and at peace.
She's not worried about what she looks like or what others might see. This print was kindly purchased by Bev and given to me.

Ashley, by Steve Hanks
Ashley, copyright Steve Hanks

Ashley is me. That's me standing by the waters edge. I do that often and can stay there for the longest time
thinking, comtemplating, or just watching the tide ebb and flow. I think the awesome power of the ocean is
mesmerizing. This print was a gift from Bev, who has accepted that I am a Steve Hanks nut. It is also
signed by the artist.

Leaving in the Rain, by Steve Hanks
Leaving in the Rain, copyright Steve Hanks

Leaving in the Rain nearly bit me the first time I saw it. From my site you can tell that I have traveled and
that I enjoy doing so. The woman at the train station is waiting for that train in the distance. From her
luggage you can see that she has traveled and is yet to embark on another journey. She's alone at the station
because I believe it represents her experiences both in the past and in the future, it's what she sees through
her own eyes, and that's personal to each and every one of us. No one sees things the same way, we each experience
things from different points of view. This print was a gift from Andrew. It is also signed by the artist and it
is a limited edition.

Living the Dream, by Steve Hanks
Living the Dream, copyright Steve Hanks

Another signed, Steve Hanks masterpiece that I acquired this spring. A very similar print, also by Hanks, though much bigger,
and a limited edition, hangs in the living room of a dear friend of mine.